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We use high efficiency equipment to free all obstructions thus providing your dryer the best life it can have, and the work inside or outside of your home is done leaving no debris behind.


When considering purchasing a home, an inspection and some services are a must before completing the closing.  Have you ever thought about having the dryer vent inspected and cleaned?  It’s very likely the previous homeowner never had the dryer vent cleaned, and this could mean potentially years of accumulated lint and debris in the line and possibly a clogged dryer vent duct system. 


Reroutes may be needed if the current route of the dryer vent exceeds the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Mechanical Code (IMC) recommended maximum length of 35 feet or if the dryer is needing to be moved to a new location within the home.


Routine cleaning should be performed at least once per year according to International Residential Code (IRC), or more frequently with high dryer usage. There are dangers that can reside within a dryer vent that most people are unaware of. In addition to being a fire hazard, dirty dryer vents can lead to diseases like Histoplasmosis (caused from a bird creating a nest within the dryer vent).  Keep your family healthy and safe with regular dryer vent cleanings.

New Installs

We provide this service if the dryer vent exhaust system does not meet current code requirements, failure of the current exhaust system or a new dryer and exhaust system needs to be installed.


The need for repairs can be determined through our inspections and cleaning.  If repairs are necessary, we will provide the best possible solution to resolve the issue.